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Variable Data Printing (VDP)

The mainstay of print communication is static text and images with everyone receiving the same information. This type of broadcast communication is the primary form of all advertising and attracts existing and new customers yet there are instances where personalization can be more effective and offer a higher return.

Cork.jpgPersonalized Messages:

The first level of personalization uses personal information printed as their name or a customized graphic image, yet the message and information is the same. A PURL can be included in the content as a "call to action" resulting in higher response rates. A PURL, or personalized URL, incorporates personal information directly into the URL, allowing for an individualized address.

Message Versioning:

The second level of personalization involves multiple message versions which capitalizes on demographics, expressed interest or other attributes to create multiple segment versions of the message addressing the needs of each particular segment or market type.

Fully Customized Message:

Each document is tailored and fully customized by individual based upon demographics, purchase history, expressed interest. This results in a highly relevant and specific marketing touch. The entire document including the layout, text and images are changed based upon data relevant to the specific individual.

Utilizing a highly personalized communications program may provide superior results in response levels, customer experience, sales and customer loyality and potentially lower overall cost.

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