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Sustainable Processes 

        The production process and management philosophy, as defined in our Mission Statement, are based on a commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of our company including social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Commitment to this process started in 1987, and in that year we received the first of 17 Monsanto Quality Awards. We proved our ability to meet their demand with sustainable processes reducing spoilage and waste. The result of this initiative is an overall reduction in energy and material consumables for all customers. The entire process is based upon continuous improvement. Mulligan has been “going green” and been a leader in this initiative for more than 20 years. GreenEarthIcon.jpg

Accomplishments and Initiatives 

Waste and spoilage was reduced from over 5% of sales to less than 1.5% of sales and is monitored monthly.
Wherever possible, incandescent resistive lighting and heat has been replaced with high intensity discharge/compact fluorescent lighting or LED lighting
HVAC system includes web based network thermostats (24-7-365) for temperature management and reduced energy consumption
We use direct to plate printing process, which eliminates printing film waste and reduces developing chemicals and heavy metal wastes and energy consumption
Soy inks and low VOC chemicals are utilized during the print operation
Refitting the entire building with windows was completed in 2003 utilizing high efficiency low-e argon gas filled windows
Support of First Lego League and their competition Power Puzzle where middle school students were charged with doing an energy audit on a local business or other organization.
Community outreach programs include support of Saint Louis Science Center - First Lego League and their competition Smart Move where middle school students design a mechanism to improve transportation systems and thus reduce carbon emmissions.
Mulligan is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified - BV-COC-080110.
Refit all fluorescent lighting with high efficiency ballasts and lamps resulting in approximately 37 kilowatts per hour electric savings.
Computer CRTs replaced with LED or CCF LCD displays.
The entire building power switching was replaced which reduced power transmission loss
When selecting new power equipment and peripherals, the company strives to select energy star rated components if available
HVAC systems are maintained and cleaned monthly to reduce energy consumption
Presets for print and finishing are electronically transmitted to machinery to reduce setup time and material waste
Recycling programs are in place and are monitored and include paper, solvents, oil and aluminum plates.
Installed 15,500 square feet of insulated energy efficient thermoplastic roofing membrane on our building in 1993
In 2008, supported First Lego League's competition Climate Connections where middle school students learn about past conditions and evaluate human influences on our current climate.
Refit presses with LED lighting replacing low efficiency fluorescent lighting
On-line, web enabled "soft" proofing saves material, time and delivery of conventional proofs.
Installation of UV curable ink systems which produce no VOC during drying process
Initiatives include
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
SGP Sustainable Green Printing Partnership
Sustainable Advertising Partnership

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