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List Processing

Drive down your marketing costs by ensuring address quality and eliminating duplicate records.

systemdatalr.jpgBy using custom algorithms we offer address matching logic that finds duplicates other systems miss. Lists are normalized to reduce redundancy then denormalized to improve performance. In addition we offer U.S. Postal Service licensed programs which include Carrier Route Coding, National Change of Address, Delivery Sequence Files, Locatable Address Conversion and Intelligent Mail Barcode to sort and track letters and flats.

Personal URLs (PURLS) are a great way to collect information and demographics of your customers. Using our list processing systems we perform edit checks that ensure address accuracy eliminating the need for costly manual intervention thus keeping your lists and data accurate.

Database Driven Prepress Services

Recognizing the needs of our customers, we developed a system that generates formatted pages directly from data, ready for print. We write custom software for each project which defines the page layout based on your specifications and business rules. Depending upon the complexity of the database and your request, we then build in queries, filters, joins, error checking, translations, abbreviations, concatenation, indexing, photo importing and/or many other data operations. Complete formatted pages are then created within minutes, if not seconds! Imagine being able to automatically customize catalogs by region, by state, by city or even by individual.