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Personalized URL (PURL)

PURLs using VDP

A Personalized URL (PURL) is a web address that incorporates personal information like the recipient's name into the address, allowing the page to be automatically customized for each person that visits. The PURL is unique to each mail piece.

hittargetlr.jpgExample of how this looks is:


This multi-media, multi touch approach provides immediate personalized on-line access to your products, information and services.

  • PURLs hit their target - unlike emails, letters can be forwarded when addresses change. With up to a 4X increase over standard direct mail PURLs deliver value.
  • PURLs tell you more - utilizing targeted marketing you can focus on your customers and track their response.
  • PURLs save time - pre-populated forms allow for ease of entry increasing likelihood of a response.
  • PURLs save money - an online response saves the need of return postage and processing.
  • PURLs increase traffic - people who are directed to your site through a PURL may go on to explore more of the site
  • PURLs create sales opportunity - provide sales leads via email or SMS in real time to your organization

If security is an issue, there are a number of options depending on the implementation type, including a PIN included with the PURL, or requiring the user to input and match the stored PIN.

There are two primary methods we use to implement PURLs for you:

  • We can take an existing form or page on your site, and pre-populate the form with known values. This page can be customized based on the PURL address. Finally when the form is submitted we will pass the form and values to your system while still being able to provide reports of the activity.
  • Or, we can design and host a micro-site, collecting data and passing data and reports back to you.

PURLs Gone Bad

Avoid these common mistakes on your next PURL campaign:

  • Printing and mailing before testing the entire system
  • Assuming that anything with a PURL will get a response (poor design yields poor results)
  • A weak or no call to action in the mailer (personalized junk mail will end up in the trash)
  • Complex landing page. (KISS) Keep it simple. Everything should be obvious.
  • Asking too many questions on the landing page (ask only what you need to know)
  • Failing to pre-populate the landing page form with information you already know
  • Asking too much personal information
  • Failing to act on the PURL responses