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Organized Data

Organized Data is a customizable information product versioning and management system used to track and store document, images and other products or information.

  • Web enabled
  • Index of products, documents or images
  • Item status of In-progress, Active, Hold, Obsolete, Void
  • Complete versioning with trackback
  • Audit trail by user
  • Ensures data completion and integrity through look-up tables and entry rules
  • Automatic customizable generation of unique product codes, form numbers and versions
  • Customizable access control lists
  • Intuitive folders and tab style user interface
  • Supports upload and download of documents, images, specifications
  • User definable product views
  • Ad hoc report/table generation
  • Direct E-Commerce website integration
  • Email notification
  • XML Connector

Typical applications:

  • Ad agencies - project management, versioning and data storage
  • Educational institutions - document storage and retrieval
  • Direct mail - mail list management
  • Publications and catalogs - print specifications, distribution list management
  • Healthcare and insurance - forms management
  • Product labeling - specification management, version control, audit trail
  • Hazardous material labeling - specifications, regulatory organization compliance, audit trail, version control