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Automated Directory Layout

flowchartlr.jpgReduce cycle time for your catalogs and directories through the use of an automated page layout system. Utilizing this automation process you can virtually eliminate tedious proof reading of page content.  Customized templates and page can pull data from multiple sources to assemble a print ready document. Your business rules and data will be implemented to ensure data consistency and drive the final page output. The process eliminates re-keying of data saving time and guaranteeing accuracy. Optionally include pictures, graphics and text to segment your market lowering your overall cost.

  • Customizable page layout
  • Ensures data integrity-no keystroking or manual intervention required.
  • Creates accurate indexes while it creates the pages.
  • Layout consistency
  • Business rule verification
  • Last minute changes integrated easily
  • Entire catalogs generated in minutes
  • Customizable granularity of output

If you are spending weeks or even months coordinating and assembling data for a print project, this service can save you time and money. Let Mulligan Printing automate your next repetitive print project for less than the cost of most typesetting. Then for each subsequent printing you will enjoy the full benefits of a data generated project at only a fraction of the cost!

Special pricing available for multiple projects with similar content!

  • Compatible with all major database programs, spreadsheets, flat files and pre-formatted printed report data.
  • Pages and text formatted based on your design.
  • Support for photo and graphic placement.
  • Enormous Savings-eliminates expensive formatting and typesetting charges.

Some Applications Include:

  • Health Care provider directories
  • Product catalogs
  • Human Resource directories
  • Price lists
  • Telephone directories
  • Membership directories

Other Benefits

  • Consistent layout between products and repeatability between printings.
  • Final pages can be saved in Adobe® PDF format-suitable for Repurposing (multi-media applications, CD's and online content).
  • Being a full service Union shop we can fulfill your Union production requirements.